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Ten thousand miles from home turned eighteen.New chapter but found the pages a little heavy,Trying turning them but ended up ripping some.You could call it self-sabotage and it gave me a reason for camouflage. For a while I used to feel static,now the chaos seems melodramatic.The new world around me momentarily felt staged.Each day is …



Struggling, to open up because I got trust issues,connections like footprints in the snow.Ended up being nostalgic about the days I never had,Spending most of my time in my head. I despise it when I overthink,not knowing what I want.should I stay or move on?Just like tides in the ocean. Tried throwing away what I …



Ever so often silence gets violent.I find it hard to feel it,while I lay numb and emotionless.Well, I entered into the darkness and it rendered me soulless. I ponder about the road not taken.Many dreams went unrealized if I’m not mistaken.Couldn’t face my fears and it left me shaken.Found it hard to move on and …