I don’t have to prove myself to anyone but myself,
because I am the only one to whom I owe.
Fighting many wars, the biggest one is with myself,
I know I’m going to win it if I take it slow.

I can act restless but I’m working on my patience,
have started looking more on the positive side.
Even though it gets hard sometimes, I am building resilience,
facing my fears and letting myself act as my guide.

I have started to care a lot about my pride,
not the one followed by prejudice, but the one Simba had.
Life is a crazy ride, so I choose wisely who’s by my side,
Rather be alone than be mad, future me would be glad.

I know the world looks at the darkness as something bleak,
but I see it as the stage of resurrection before a new dawn.
In moments when I’ve been on my knees and weak,
learnt lessons which’ve helped me not feel drawn.

Call me crazy but I’ve been focusing on differentiating,
failed a lot and made countless mistakes.
Now in my story, the lessons I learnt need integrating,
the time will come when I’ll cut the cakes.

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