Ever so often silence gets violent.
I find it hard to feel it,
while I lay numb and emotionless.
Well, I entered into the darkness and it rendered me soulless.

I ponder about the road not taken.
Many dreams went unrealized if I’m not mistaken.
Couldn’t face my fears and it left me shaken.
Found it hard to move on and it left me broken.

Silence makes me ponder,
unceasingly life keeps on getting darker.
I find it hard to counter,
That I am my biggest doubter.

If I were to dematerialize today,
thoughts about my legacy would leave me in dismay.
If you were to call it insanity,
I would comprehend your audacity.

I wish I could go back to the start,
Fix the mistakes that I made.
I can’t explain why it is so hard,
while I am at the edge of a blade.

I am forced to deal with the choices I made.
I can’t create a diversion and run away.
I wish I could fade,
Overpowered by my demons I am left in disarray.

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  1. Moral of the story-Don’t be silent kids fck you life

  2. 😊👍👏🙃

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