Struggling to open up because I’ve got trust issues,
connections like footprints in the snow.
Ended up being nostalgic about the days I never had,
Spending most of my time in my head.

I despise it when I overthink,
not knowing what I want.
should I stay or move on?
Just like tides in the ocean.

Tried throwing away what I stood for like used tissues,
bickering with people I don’t even know.
Existence is a journey through a forest pine-clad,
so mysterious yet so lifeless.

Last moments of a ship about to sink,
you can’t change the gothic font.
In a single moment memories of a lifetime torn,
All that’s left is remembrance in the form of a token.

We all have a story in this symphony,
Main characters in our own but specs for someone else.
Ever so often it plays like a rusty old guitar,
Still becomes melodic in its own way.

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  1. “Ended up being nostalgic about the days I never had” really liked this line!!

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