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When you type into Google the sentence- College makes me. It recommends you stuff like- College makes me depressed, College makes me feel dumb, College makes me feel like a failure, etc. I made this disturbing discovery a few days ago then I had a question that what if I write School makes me? The recommendations were nearly identical. These are the most searched terms on Google which start with the words college makes me or school makes me.  This is really dangerous as it indirectly conveys that students are getting depressed because of the system they are put in. Kids are happy to be sick so that they can miss school and I can tell this from my own experience. Well now, this should clearly make even the diehard supporters of the modern schools consider their views. But, why is the situation so dire?

School shootings are usually blamed on video games but for the record, they have existed since the onset of schools, and the first-ever FPS game was released in the 1970s. Often the main reason behind school shootings is mental stress. Mental and physical health are two of the most important subjects which are neglected by schools.        

The modern schooling system was created during the age of industrialization which is nearly 200 years ago. The main reason behind the creation was to supply factory workers. A job that requires you to listen to orders and have no creativity. The school environment somewhat resembles that of a factory. You aren’t allowed to use the toilet without permission and 95% of the requests are denied. There is a proper lunch break which is rarely longer than 30 minutes and that is the only break which you have in the whole day. At the end of the year, they give grades to students which are similar to grades given to products of a factory.

In schools, we are taught many mandatory subjects which an average person will never use in their life. Like, honestly when does the average person use the Pythagorean Theorem in their life. I don’t mean that that advanced math, science, etc should be removed from the curriculum. These subjects shouldn’t be mandatory. Students should choose whether they want to study it or not. The decision should be of the students not of the parents. This method is highly effective and students who are interested do take those subjects and outperform the general population. This fact has been proven by Sudbury and Montessori schools.

Schools prioritize grades over the overall development of an individual. Music, sports, and art are not given the same value as Maths and Science. Whenever you are good at a certain subject you are reminded by the school about the subjects which you are bad at. When students pass out of school they have no creativity, no financial advice. Students are never taught how to get a job or how to give an interview but they are expected to get one. Schools blame the parents for a kid’s lack of communication and creativity but it isn’t their fault as they themselves along with teachers are a product of the same system. The system of education needs to be revamped it needs to ensure the overall development of a child as there is a difference between a student who scores more and a student who is intelligent.  

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